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Truly gifted individual who gives clear concise advice from the angelic and spirit realms. Always on point with the emotions being picked up around as well as pointing you in the direction that is needed to be taken. Highly recommend.


Everytime I\’ve talked with Rosie I have left the conversation feeling refreshed, uplifted, and energized! This woman has a powerful presence that you will literally feel and be assured that she truly is connecting with a higher power. I fully trust the information she receives and shares with me.

Amy Ojikutu

I am Infinitly greatful for the interactions I have had with Rozie. Such a beautiful heart centered powerful intuitive and healer. The love that you have for everyone is amazing. I will always remember the assistance Rozie gifted me upon returning from my nephews funeral services. Rozie knew exactly what to do on an energetic level through a distant healing to lesson the pain, suffering and confusion that I was experiencing. Thank you ? Every interaction with Rozie has been wonderful. ? strong, compassionate and spot on intuition! ?

Kristy Lee

Rosie is straight up and offers you clear guidance, for those seeking a change in their life she will always pinpoint the area that needs a little tweak. I have found her to always be looking to what is in your best interests which will serve you well when seeking healing or guidance.

dorothy holder

I have consulted Rosie throughout the past 6 years any time I am seeking guidance or clarity regarding life changing situations and difficult decision making. She has always steered me in the right direction. Rosie is extremely easy to talk to and offers much c9mfort during difficult times

Melissa Castro

A very strong woman that is connected to the light realms of angels. She\’s a very gifted channel and a beautiful light in this world. She\’s been with me through some of the hardest times in my life. Nothing but love, light, and respect for Rosie. I\’m so grateful to have found her and to have her in my life.

Haileigh O\'Brien Bonnette

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